Our New Company of the Month

Company of the Month

Name: Direct Imaging Supplies
Incorporated: 2005
Website: http://www.directimagingsupplies.co.uk
Annual Turnover: £1.5m
Number of Employees: 6
Your Mission Statement: Our company is based on these values: World Class Customer Service, Value For Money, Friendliness and Honesty.
Accreditations:  Authorised Reseller for:






What software does the business run: Evolution Software and eCommerce & Custon
Best Supplier: VOW
Best product you sell: Our own brand cartridges
Worst product you sell: We don’t sell bad products
What is your USP?: Everyone is focussed on delivering great service to our customers. We have a buzzing atmosphere in our office and it shines through to our customers.
Describe your premises: Rustic brick with contemporary style.
What are your Companies accomplishments?: Building a strong business and giving people a job where they feel part of the team and success we achieve.
Outlook for 2013 and beyond?: We’re moving our focus more into stationery and are looking to diversify our service offering to our customers and win some new ones.

Thank you very much to Direct Imaging Supplies for their involvement!

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